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Singal Shares his Historical Election Perspective

During the Sept. 24 faculty lunch talk, Dan Singal, professor of history, presented his perspective on the upcoming election in a talk titled “Understanding the 2004 Election: What History Can Tell Us.”

“We keep hearing from pundits covering the current Presiden­tial campaign that this election is like no other. The past, they tell us, is no guide to the present. As a professional historian, I beg to differ. The problem, I suspect, is that most journalists define history as the years that have elapsed since they began their careers. Anything prior to that doesn't count. However, if one is willing to look back over the country's entire exis­tence­, history does have important insights to offer about the election of 2004,” Singal begins.

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At the Colleges, Singal teaches courses in the history of American thought, the history of American society, and more. He received the B.A. from Harvard and the M.A. and Ph.D. from Columbia University.