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Ramey on Family Farms, Economics

Assistant Professor of Economics Elizabeth Ramey presented “The Farmer Takes a Wife: Family Farms and Economic Justice,” at Schenectady County Community College last month. Ramey argued that the family farm model depended for its survival on the unpaid labor of women and children. For today’s alternative food movement’s vision of more just, sustainable and democratic economies to become a reality, she proposed, we need to also consider this darker side of agrarianism that rests on the exploitation of labor of certain underprivileged groups.

Ramey’s academic focus is on political economy, U.S. economic history, the history of economic thought, and food and agricultural economics.  She graduated summa cum laude from George Washington University with a B.A. in international affairs and went on to receive an M.A. in economics from the University of Denver and is completing her Ph.D. at University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  She has taught at Mount Holyoke College, Wellesley College and the University of Massachusetts and has published in Global Macroscope and Rethinking Marxism. She has presented widely on issues related to food and agriculture. Her article “Seeds of Change: Hybrid Corn, Monopoly, and the Hunt for Superprofits” appeared in the September 2010 issue of the Review of Radical Political Economics.