Statesmen top Colgate – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
The HWS Update

Statesmen top Colgate

The Hobart rowing team battled rough weather conditions and a tough Colgate squad today. The Statesmen varsity eight defeated the Raiders’ top boat to win the Seneca Cup for the second straight year.

Powered by Reynaldo Kelly, Max Swagler, Andrew Cobb, Jack Trimble, Gerry Samson, Harald Zurakowski, David Roberts, Peter Nettl, and Coty Burgess, the Hobart varsity eight covered the 1,500-meter course in 4:32, six seconds ahead of the Raiders. Kelly called for a move to take a seat on Colgate and his guys did that and kept moving little by little and never stopped.

The Statesmen also prevailed in the junior varsity eight race. The second varsity eight came across the finish line first in 4:51, followed by the novice eight in 5:00, with Colgate taking third in 5:07.

The Raiders won the varsity four race by eight seconds over the Statesmen. They also captured the novice four race by four seconds over Hobart.