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South Korea Exhibit on Display

South Korea is bordered by China to the West, Japan to the east and North Korea to the north and its unique culture can often get lost in the mix. South Korea has a long tradition of gorgeous art and architecture, distinct and delicious cuisine, and a truly unique musical culture. The Center for Global Education’s new Global Visions Gallery titled “??? You Are Here: A Korean Mosaic” attempts to bring some of that experience onto the HWS campus.

The Center for Global Education runs two galleries, one in the Vandervort Lounge in the Scandling Campus Center and one in Trinity Hall, which display work of students who have gone abroad. Occasionally, the galleries will have a coordinated theme related to a specific program, such as the Korea program.

“We really don’t get as many applications to the Korea program as we should and I think that is largely because people do not view Korea as a unique and distinct place so that is really the goal of this exhibit,” says Doug Reilly, program coordinator for the Center for Global Education.

The gallery includes the work of staff who visited Korea as well as students who were a part of the exchange program last semester. Students who study abroad in Korea study in English, though Korean speakers are more then welcome to challenge themselves by taking a class in Korean at Yonsei University. There are more than 60 courses offered in English that are open for students in a huge variety of disciplines, though they are particularly strong in Asian studies, economics and business, international relations, religious studies and sociology.

The “??? You Are Here: A Korean Mosaic” gallery is in the Vandervort lounge on the second floor of the Scandling Campus Center. Students and community members are welcome to explore the exhibit at any time. Questions about studying abroad in Korea should be addressed to the Center for Global Education on the third floor of Trinity Hall.