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Ferry Wins Sustainability Prize

While abroad in London, Rachel Ferry ’12 won a prize awarded by the Foundation for International Education for a response essay on a lecture given by Ed Gillespie, founder of Futerra, a sustainability communication company.  The foundation hosted a series of lectures that were “aimed to bring together key practitioners in the fields of arts, culture, business and communications from the UK and USA, in order to facilitate high caliber, accessible and provocative discussion amongst the community both within and outside of FIE.” 

Ferry was awarded second place for her carefully crafted response to Gillespie’s lecture titled “Sustainability: Reinventing Progress in the Downturn.” Gillespie discussed the ecological and sustainability crisis that the world is faced with including gas prices, climate change and the peak in consumer consumption.  The paper was written for her class “Britain in Europe,” and as a prize, Ferry received a Recycled British Isles Map Photo Album, an eco glow block and a copy of “The Little Green Book of Big Ideas.”

In response to the award Ferry said, “I was honored to receive this award because sustainability is something I’m passionate about. It is a cause I think we can all rally around despite our political differences. Building a more sustainable economy can both benefit the environment and create new opportunities for entrepreneurs, and this is what I wrote about in my essay” 

During her time in London, Ferry also had a internship at the British Parliament. “I loved having the opportunity to learn firsthand about a new culture and meet great people.” While on campus, Ferry is a double major in political science and economics and has been involved in the Debate Team and Women’s Collective.