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Honors Students Recognized

During the 2010-2011 academic year, 27 Hobart and William Smith students successfully completed Honors projects.  They were recognized, along with their advisers, at a Porch Party given by Provost and Dean of Faculty Teresa Amott on Friday, May 6. Their accomplishments will also be noted in this year’s commencement program.

The Hobart and William Smith Honors Program allows students to complete work at the most sustained and sophisticated level available in the Colleges’ curriculum.  Qualified students take two or three self-designed courses that concentrate on the same project and are guided throughout their exploration by a faculty adviser.

In addition to the culminating Honors project, usually a research or critical paper or its counterpart in the creative arts, each Honors candidate takes a written examination in their Honors field and an oral examination that covers both the Honors project and the written examination.

Receiving Honors this year are:

Emily Anatole, Writing and Rhetoric

Media by the Minute:  An Entertainment News Site About Trends, Technology and Society

Cheryl Forbes, Adviser


Joel S. Andruski, Economics

Applying Risk Assessment to an Electricity Cost Model

Thomas Drennen, Adviser


Alexandra G. Aquadro, Architectural Studies

Drawing as a Way of Seeing:  A Study of South Main Street, Geneva, New York

Stanley Mathews, Adviser


Cameron M. Avelis, Individual Major (Biophysics)

Advanced Methods for Protein Simulation

Alan van Giessen, Adviser


Caitlin M. Baker, Anthropology

Creativity and the Culture of Developmental Disabilities

Brenda Maiale, Adviser


Martha A. Beltz, Public Policy

Educational Equity and No Child Left Behind:  The Impact of Policy on Education Reform

Cerri Banks, Adviser


Meghan J. Bowden, Political Science

The Truth of the Matter:  The Practice of Truth-Telling As A Site For Constituting Liberal Democratic Subjects and Community

Paul Passavant, Adviser


Sarah Canavan, Writing and Rhetoric

A Friend, Indeed:  A Teenager’s Guide to Facing Serious Illness in Friends and Peers

Cheryl Forbes, Adviser


Eleanor M. Chandler, Political Science

Complexity:  An Emerging Discourse that Bridges the Natural and Social Sciences

Jodi Dean, Adviser


Sharlene Diamond, Africana Studies

Dancehall Kings and Queens:  ‘Profiling’ Gender in Jamaican Dancehall Culture

Marilyn Jimënez, Adviser


Michael J. Doane, Psychology

Religion and Health:  A Study Among Students in the Republic of Ireland

Portia Dyrenforth, Adviser


Eleanor C. Eckerson, Women’s Studies

Feminism at the Founding:  An Exploration of ‘Feminism’ and the Emergence of Women’s Shelters in the 1970s

Betty Bayer, Adviser       


Hillary L. Framson, Biology

Is Attachment Required for Necrosis and HR Induction in Agrobacterium vitis?

Sigrid Carle, Adviser


Jessica G. Greger, Chemistry  

The Preparation of 3,4-Diaryl-3-pyrrolin-2-ones and Precursors of Staurosporinone Through Pyrrole Weinreb Amide Intermediates

Erin Pelkey, Adviser


Kara E. Grogan, History

The Politics of Memory in Berlin After 1945

Clifton Hood, Adviser


Neala R. Havener, Writing and Rhetoric

Food Poor, Poor Food:  Three Voices of the National School Lunch Program

Cheryl Forbes, Adviser


Christina S. Jenkins, Writing and Rhetoric

The Dark Fate:  Book One of The Dark Awakening Trilogy

Cheryl Forbes, Adviser


Reynaldo  Kelly, Computer Science

Aerial Sensor Platform:  Design, Control, and Implementation

John Vaughn, Adviser


Zachary C. Kimes, Political Science

Politics and Memory:  Revolutionary Organization from Lenin to Hardt and Negri

Jodi Dean, Adviser


Whitman Littlefield, English

“With Whom We Stand: A Search for Place”

Anna Creadick, Adviser


Emma J. Luton, Women’s Studies

“Something for the Girls” –  Girl Scouts’ Subversive Role in Female-Centered Activist Communities

Betty Bayer, Adviser


Amy  Nimon, Writing and Rhetoric

Tiny Adventures and the Roads Less Traveled

Cheryl Forbes, Adviser


Lisa E. Philippone, Anthropology

Culture Drought:  Water Scarcity in Rural Rajasthan

Brenda Maiale, Adviser


Shelby  Pierce, International Relations   (junior-graduating next year)

Language From the Barrel of a A Gun:  Understanding the Lord’s Resistance Army Beyond the Western Press

Kevin Dunn, Adviser


Megan Rechin, Individual Major (Science Journalism)

The Chemistry of Culture in Buffalo, New York:  An Investigation of the Chemical Reactins Behind the Food People Eat and the Culture They Create

Cheryl Forbes, Adviser


Anna Rusch, Art History

The Art of Theresienstadt:  Reality Versus Illusion

Patricia Mathews, Adviser


Robert Taylor, Biology

The Irruptive Migratory Strategy of the Black-capped Chickadee:  An Integrative Study of Energetics and Spatial Orientation in Poecile atricapillus

Mark Deutschlander, Adviser


Deirdre Wholly, Chemistry

Solid-phase Synthesis of Depsipeptidic HDAC Inhibitors Through Chemoselective Macrocyclization

Justin Miller, Adviser