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Sharing a Love of Gardening

Daniel Scibilia-Carver ’12 has received an Americorps Summer Vista position working through Cornell Cooperative Extension in Ithaca. In this capacity, Scibilia-Carver will work on community gardens and will co-lead the Youth Horticulture Apprentice Program (YHAP) for low-income teens in Ithaca. Having himself worked as a Youth Horticulture Apprentice six years ago, he is excited to co-lead the program.  “The teens will have the opportunity to develop a good work ethic while completing what for most of them is their first job,” he said.

Scibilia-Carver, a French and Francophone studies major and Latin American studies minor, was interested in the program because it will give him valuable experience in the education field. With a desire to teach and a passion for gardening, he is interested in how community gardens build social cohesiveness in communities by facilitating healthy interaction between volunteer gardeners.

With Ithaca’s and CCE’s recent desire to expand the community gardens in the area, Scibilia-Carver hopes to play an active role in the process of managing and organizing these gardens. 

“Community gardens give low-income residents an opportunity to grow food for their community. This can significantly improve the well-being and confidence of residents.  Their self confidence rises as they take pride in their accomplishments.  Residents who feel that they are not a part of their community are given a chance to meet neighbors and participate in meaningful work,” said Scibilia-Carver.  “With their increased confidence and group work experiences, residents may be able to find more success in their day-to-day lives as they take these new experiences out of the work place and apply it to new jobs.”

On campus, Scibilia-Carver is member of Campus Greens and will serve as the club’s secretary during his senior year. He has volunteered at the Geneva Community Lunch Program and, while abroad in France, taught English to low-income high school teens one afternoon each week.