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Summer Camps Have Begun

Elementary, middle and high school students from around the country have taken over the campus at Hobart and William Smith Colleges to learn new skills, challenge their minds, make friends and gain a competitive edge through day camps. Most camps run concurrently and the earliest begin later this month:

The Day Sports Camp (June 27-July 1) caters to children and teenagers ranging in ages from 7 to 14 who will play lacrosse, golf, soccer, basketball, football or tennis.

Kinder Camp (June 27-Aug. 5) is geared toward campers entering first and second grade and has an academic base that provides children with the opportunity to choose different hands-on programs throughout the summer.

Camp Vision (June 27-July 1) is Project-Eye-to-Eye’s summer program that works to improve the self-esteem of students age 10 to 14 through a mentoring relationship with counselors who also have learning disabilities. Counselors at Camp Vision are all mentors from local colleges who have been trained through Project Eye-to-Eye’s interactive workshops, and have worked with their own learning disabilities in order to find academic success.

The William Smith soccer camp and Kids College will start their respective programs early in July. The soccer camp, running July 6-9, embraces the “William Smith Way,” which emphasizes team investment and the understanding of strong team dynamics.

The five-week Kids College (July 5 -Aug. 5) offers two age-groupings, for children who have completed second through fourth grades and those who have completed fifth through seventh grades. Campers will learn by doing as they participate in different forms of exercise, theatre, science and activities related to world cultures.

Also taking place in July will be two, consecutive Hobart Lacrosse camps. From July 16-17, a specialty lacrosse camp will help boys ages 7 to 18 focus on particular skills such as face-off, stick skills or playing as a goalie. The Hobart lacrosse camp that starts immediately after this minicamp, from July 17 to 20, will help the same age groups learn and develop skills, strategies and techniques that will enable them to take their game to the highest level.

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