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Identifying the Past

In an effort to enhance the institutional memory at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, the Office of Intercultural Affairs (IC) has created a Flickr account of photographs in need of identification.

“We think that it is important to identify people and events so that we can contribute to the Colleges’ institutional memory,” says Alejandra Molina, director of the Office of Intercultural Affairs. “It is also a way to bring together students and alums by helping our students learn about the past. The photos may even spark an interest and the students may want to contact the alums in order to bring back an old program or initiative.”

The identification of the photos will also allow Intercultural Affairs to have a captioned photo exhibit in the fall to teach students about the history and to kick of a new initiative called “Skype with Alums.” Students will gather at the IC for a Skype session with an alum where they can have an engaging conversation, ask questions and make comments.

If you would like to help with identify photographs please follow the instructions below:

1.      Go to At the very top of the page, you will see a blue link titled “Sign In.” Click on this link and enter for the Yahoo! ID and “icoffice” for the password. These are case sensitive, so are all lowercase letters.

2.      Once you are logged on, find the section labeled “Your Photostream.” It should be the first section on the page. Click on the words “Your Photostream.” On this page you will notice that there are a few more links under the title “Your Photostream.”Click on “Sets.” You will now see a small picture with the words “Archive Photos From Reunion 2011.” Click on the picture. Now you will see an area full of small thumbnail pictures on the right side of the screen. Click on one of the pictures to see it full-size. From here, you can comment, add notes with names of who is in the photo, and click to see other photos (by clicking on the “Prev” and “Next” arrows on the right above the picture).

3.      In the comments area underneath the picture, feel free to share with us any of the following information:

  • Event and/or occasion, date/year
  • Names of person(s) and class
  • Any other comments that may help us identify

4.      To comment, just type in the comment box and either preview your comment to see what it will look like to others or click on the submit button.

5.      To “tag” someone in the photograph, i.e. indicate their name, go to the small menu on the left right above the picture and click on the down arrow next to the word “Actions.” Choose the second option, “add a note” (the first option is only to tag other flickr users). This will open a box in which you can write the person’s name and class year. Next, click and drag the square with the dotted sides until the box is in front of the person you are trying to name. If you would like, you can click and drag one of the corners inward to make the box smaller. Make sure to click the blue “save” button when you are finished.

6.      If you notice that someone has submitted incorrect or incomplete information, you can edit their note. Simply click on the yellow text area and type in your corrections and then save.

Please Note: For privacy reasons, all these pictures have been set to “private,” meaning that they cannot be accessed by anyone who does not have the username and password. If you would like to share a photo with a friend or family member, you can e-mail it to them. To do so, follow instructions 1 and 2. Then, next to the link labeled “Actions,” you will see a little envelope symbol. Click on this, and then enter an e-mail address and optional comment to send it to someone.