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Philbrick Yadav on Arab Spring

Assistant Professor of Political Science Stacey Philbrick Yadav recently co-authored an article published in Jadaliyya, an independent ezine produced by Arab Studies Institute. In the article, “Three Powerfully Wrong – and Wrongly Powerful – American Narratives about the Arab Spring,” the authors note “As the media, policymakers, and global audiences struggle to make sense of” the events in the Arab world, numerous narratives have recurred in academia, media and social media alike.

“While elements of these narratives have some foundation in truth, they also present such a simplified view as to obscure crucial dimensions of the power struggles across the region,” the authors write. “Below we unpack three of the most common narratives whose ‘truth’ has become almost conventional wisdom, tossed out at cocktail parties and across coffee shops and metros. We aim to highlight what kinds of politics are made possible (and what kinds of challenges to power are foreclosed) as these narratives become part of the ‘common sense’ that shapes our understanding of these extraordinary events.”

The full article is online.

Jadaliyya describes itself as “a unique source of insight and critical analysis that combines scholarship, advocacy, and local knowledge with an eye on audiences in the United States, the Arab world, and beyond. The site currently publishes posts both in Arabic and in English.

Jadaliyya is completely volunteer-run and self-produced by the editorial team and a steadily expanding pool of contributors and guests. The co-editors are writers, scholars, and advocates with a primary interest in the Middle East.”

Philbrick Yadav received a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and Middle Eastern studies from Smith College and an M.A. and Ph.D. in political science from the University of Pennsylvania. She is the author of several recent journal articles on political opposition in Yemen and Lebanon, and is completing a book on the subject of Islamist parliamentary opposition in the two countries. In 2008, Philibrick Yadav was a visiting researcher at the Harvard Academy for International and Area Studies. Before coming to HWS, she taught at Mount Holyoke College and the University of Pennsylvania, and lived and worked in Egypt, Lebanon and Yemen from 2003-2006, returning on a number of times since then to continue her research.