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Hood Featured for New York City Subway

Clifton Hood, associate professor of history at the Colleges, was featured on National Public Radio Saturday, Oct. 23, in a segment discussing New York City's subway line on Weekend Edition.

The Weekend Edition piece was timed with the centennial celebration of New York City's subway, which is Oct. 27. Audio for the program is available at Weekend Edition Saturday. The story is titled “New York's Deepest Subway Station.” Weekend Edition Saturday is broadcast from 8 until 10 p.m. on Saturdays on WEOS-FM.

Hood had an editorial in the Oct. 26 New York Daily News titled “Cheer the workers as well as big shots.” “Every day, hundreds of thousands of people ride the subway without giving a moment's thought to the workers who built this magnificent system and to those who died doing it,” wrote Hood. “That is wrong.”

He was quoted in New York Construction News, in the cover story for the Oct. issue, titled “Built for the Ages”. The article told the story of the New York City subway.

Hood's article “How The Subway Shaped New York” was also printed in the Gotham Gazette, in the Oct. 10 issue. The article was excerpted from the spring 2004 issue of “The New-York Journal of American History,” the semiannual publication of the New-York Historical Society.

Hood is an author and expert on New York City's subway line. His foremost interest in mass transit was ignited when he was chosen to be part of a study of the New York City subway line as an undergrad at Washington University, in St. Louis. Since then, the connection between mass transit and conflict among social groups has been a driving force in his studies and research.

That passion resulted in Hood’s lauded treatise, “722 Miles: The Building of the Subways and How They Transformed New York,” reissued by Johns Hopkins University Press in honor of the NYC underground’s centennial in 2004.

Hood graduated summa cum laude from Washington University and received his master’s and doctoral degrees from Columbia University.