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Tanzer ’13 Joins the RNC

Sarah Tanzer ’13 is spending her summer in Washington D.C. as an intern for the Republican National Committee (RNC).

After visiting the RNC while attending the Day on the Hill program, the political science and English dual major was immediately attracted to the excitement and commotion in the office.

“Everyone looked like they were happy doing what they were doing. I was ready to jump in and help,” says Tanzer.

As an intern, Tanzer works for the RNC’s department of Constituent Services, where she is responsible for communicating with constituents who contact the office because of concerns, or to voice their opinions. She then shares those concerns with the appropriate legislator.

“My experience has been rewarding because I am able to educate the constituents who are unclear about how the party system works in America. It is exciting to be surrounded by people who share my passion for politics,” says Tanzer.

Tanzer has also participated in briefing with other interns to get a broader understanding of what the RNC does as a whole. This includes meeting with Representatives and Senators from the RNC, and also attending receptions, press conferences, and continuing education programs. She also has had the opportunity to speak with Hill staff about future aspirations, helping her gain a better insight into potential career goals.

“This internship directly relates to my future career goals because of my interest in the political sphere,” says Tanzer.

On campus, Tanzer is a varsity coxswain on the Hobart Rowing team and has been a part of the William Smith mentor program.