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Zhou on China’s Chance on World Stage

A starring role for China on the world stage is not inevitable, argues Jinghao Zhou, associate  professor of Asian Languages and Cultures, but it depends on making a decision to introduce democracy and to change a model of one-party rule that has worked, but can’t much longer.

In his article “Undemocratic China can’t rule the world,” published in Asia Times on July 16, Zhou argues that should the Communist Party resist to change China’s model — the so-called Beijing Consensus -revolution-style transformation could make a comeback and dash all hopes of China being a recognized world leader. Zhou’s article has been reposted by more than a dozen websites around the world.

Joining the faculty in 2001, Zhou teaches contemporary China. In March 2010, he was invited by China Social Sciences to give recommendations on China’s political reform for the Conference of China’s National People’s Congress.

He is the author of the three books “Remaking China’s Public Philosophy for the Twenty-first Century” (Praeger 2003), “Remaking China’s Public Philosophy and Chinese Women’s Liberation: The Volatile Mixing of Confucianism, Marxism, and Feminism” (Edwin Mellen Press 2006), and China’s Peaceful Rise in a Global Context: A Domestic Aspect of China’s Road Map to Democratization (Lexington Book, 2010). 

The full article is available online. http://www.atimes.com/atimes/China/MG16Ad01.html


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