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CCL Welcomes New Staff

As the Centennial Center for Leadership ushers in another year, the center also welcomes two new faces. Amy Forbes will step into the role of associate director and Jerry Wohletz will take on the position of leadership fellow.

“We want to reach out to more students. We want to make this a place where they can not only grow, but continue to be inspired and flourish in leadership roles,” says Forbes. “The larger incoming classes means that there is limitless potential for the Center this year.”

While the HWS Leads certification will continue to be one of the center’s top priorities as it works to develop leadership on campus, the pair will work on expanding the programs and classes the Center will offer. This semester, major programs include a visit to campus from Susan Scott ’67, author of “Fierce Conversations,” and founder of Fierce, Inc., monthly discussions held with the purpose of discussing out of classroom leadership experiences and a student advisory board where leaders of clubs and organizations on campus can meet to discuss challenges. 

“Good practice is informed by good theory,” says Wohletz, who looks forward to working with the students registered in the HWS Leads class. “But we’re also working to best support our students and provide chances for them to practice their leadership skills – action is as important as academics.”

The new members of staff hope to generate even more interest in the Centennial Center this year, and open their doors to all who are interested in the many areas of leadership. Throughout the year, CCL will work with other departments on campus – such as the Center for Teaching and Learning and Residential Education – to meet the needs of students, faculty and staff alike.

“I am delighted to welcome Amy and Jerry to HWS and the Centennial Center for Leadership,” remarks CCL Director Susan Pliner. “They bring energy, experience and a commitment to developing an innovative and robust leadership center.  In their few short weeks on campus, they have already begun to make their mark; we will all see big changes happen at the CCL this year.”

Forbes received her B.A. in English from Salisbury University and a master’s of education from Bucknell University. She recently completed her Ph.D. in education at the University of Vermont, where she studied educational leadership and policy studies. Prior to joining the Colleges, Forbes served as an academic counselor and both a life skills coordinator and instructor at the University of Vermont. While at Bucknell, Forbes also served as assistant women’s soccer coach.

Wohletz received his B.A. in communication studies and American studies from the University of Kansas. While at the University of Kansas, Wohletz gained leadership experience through a leadership studies minor, as well as serving as ambassador development coordinator for the Office of Admissions. Wohletz has also received many accolades, including the 2011 Chancellor’s Award for services benefitting other students.