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Chojnowski ’78 Joins HWS

Contemporary artist Paul Chojnowski ’78 will be on campus on Tuesday, Sept. 27 to discuss his art in connection with the second episode of Howard Libov’s film series “Under the Radar.” Titled “Burning Down the House” a.k.a. “Aglow,” the episode focuses on Chojnowski’s work. The film viewing, which will be followed by a talk by both Chojnowski and Libov, will take place at 7 p.m. in Houghton House 112.

After receiving his B.A. in painting and art history from Hobart College, Chojnowski studied briefly at the Kansas City Art Institute where he took courses from Warren Rosser and Stanley Lewis. He began his art career in the 80s while living in Atlanta but has since returned to his native Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts. Chojnowski’s work has evolved over the years through a period of geometric abstraction to incorporate his figurative academic training.

Throughout his career a distinguishing characteristic has been the use of nontraditional media and tools in his art making. His current work images burned into paper and wood is an extension of that predisposition; these burned drawings evolved as a result of his conscious effort to embrace art historical traditions while rejecting the traditional processes. His work has been exhibited in more than 30 galleries and museums, including the Albany Museum of Art.

Libov is a writer, director and producer with his productions including the feature films “Favorite Son” and “Midnight Edition.” His short films include the fictional “Little Man” and “Men Will Be Boys,” the documentary “Doing Business” and a series on contemporary artists titled “Under the Radar.” The first episode is a series of charcoal drawings based on surveillance photographs of the German concentration camps.

The speakers and film viewing is being sponsored by the Department of Art and Architecture.