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JPR Wins Waste Competition

With a rate of 75.18 percent, JPR took the gold and the “Green on the Go” reusable water bottles offered as a prize to the residence hall area with the highest recycling rate in a waste competition on the first day of orientation.

Looking to immediately engage first-year students in the green movement upon their arrival to campus, the Office of Sustainability challenged them to recycle. Provided with a clear trash bag and a blue recycling bag, each first-year resident was aided by orientation staff, RAs and Eco-Reps to help divert as much of their waste as possible from the landfill by separating into the proper bag.

Three designated residence hall areas competed in the competition, among which The Hill and JPR were their own areas. The third area was made up of Sherrill, Hale, Bartlett and Durfee.

Eco-Reps then weighed all of the bags of trash and recycling that residents in each area produced and determined the area’s recycling rate – % of the waste stream diverted from the landfill to the recycling facility – Recycling Rate = Recyclables / (Recyclables + Trash).

After crunching the numbers, JPR snuck out ahead with a recycling rate of 75.18 percent, making them the winners of the first ever Orientation Waste Competition.

Their “Green on the Go” reusable water bottles will be handed out by the Eco-Reps at the Involvement Expo today, from 5 to 7 p.m. on the Quad.

Stay tuned for more sustainability-focused events throughout the year – there will be many, many more opportunities to make your space a sustainable leader and win!