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Health Professions Information Session

This past Thursday night, first-year students interested in learning about careers in the medical field gathered in Coxe Hall to listen to Associate Professor of Chemistry Justin Miller and Health Professions Adviser Scott MacPhail share what they should do – and when – to prepare for a career in health professions.

Miller and MacPhail presented an array of information, including the classes students should be taking, options for studying abroad, and extracurricular and community service activities that they might pursue. The duo stressed the importance of internships and research. 

Approximately 50 students attended, all of them curious to find out more about the fields of dentistry, medicine and veterinary sciences. Potential career plans ranged from physicians, veterinarians and dentists to physical therapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists and speech pathologists.

The session was interactive, with many opportunities for students to ask questions.  Many seemed to be interested in what it takes to get into graduate or professional schools. Miller stressed medical schools don’t focus solely on an applicant’s major.

“You’re an undergraduate- make the most of your undergraduate education. Push yourself to explore interests that you may not have time for when you are a professional,” he said.

Both Miller and MacPhail told students to study what they are passionate about, while keeping in mind a plan. 

Miller explained, “Being a pre-health student is not just a series of checkboxes.”

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Also attending the seminar, the student-leaders of the Health Professions Club spoke about upcoming events. Their mission is to raise awareness of all health-related careers. For more information on this club, e-mail or