Religion/Homosexuality Film Series – Hobart and William Smith Colleges \
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Religion/Homosexuality Film Series

The Religion and Homosexuality Film Series will continue through Wednesday, Sept.  21, with movies that promote acceptance and openness in the Geneva community.  The upcoming films, “Trembling Before G/D” and “Jihad for Love,” will be screened at 7 p.m., in the Geneva Room of the Warren Hunting Smith Library.

This initiative was inspired by Bishop V. Gene Robinson, the 9th bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire in the Episcopal Church, who visited campus last spring as part of the President’s Forum.  The first film, shown earlier this semester, featured Robinson and his family. “For the Bible Tells Me So,” reflects the point of view of Christianity, while the following films tackle Jewish and Muslim perspectives.  

 “It seems important to show these films together in series, both to see the common problems of scriptural literalism and prejudice, but also the common hope of compassion, scriptural literacy, and progressive approaches to religious practice,” says Chaplain Lesley Adams, one of the organizers of the film series.

Also as part of the initiative, organizers are working to provide America Reads tutors with books that help inspire and encourage an understanding of the many diverse faces of “family” in society. Funds and children’s books will be collected during the first week of October to help the America Reads library expand and include such modern, all-inclusive books.

 “With more diverse books, our America Reads tutors can share with the kids in our community books about families with two mommies or two daddies, books about families that light candles before dinner on Friday nights, or families who choose to dress simply and not use modern machines, or families that fast for a month every year,”  says Adams.

This project is part of HWS’s response to President Obama’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge.  

The series is open to the public.