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Blogging in England this Fall

For many students at Hobart and William Smith choosing among the more than 40 study abroad programs can be a daunting task. Not so, however, for Kazia Berkley-Cramer’13, who is currently studying abroad in Bath, England.

“I’ve wanted to study with ASE since my first semester at HWS,” she says. Academically, each program offered by the Colleges appeals to different types of students with different academic backgrounds but Berkley-Cramer knew from the beginning that the Bath program was a perfect fit.

“I have always wanted to visit England and I loved the idea of actually studying English literature in England. But one thing that drew me to this program specifically was the classes offered-they allow me to study in depth some subjects like children’s and young adult literature.”

As a part of her abroad experience this semester, Berkley-Cramer will blog, regularly.”I decided to attempt to keep a blog because I wanted a way to regularly update my family and friends about my experience abroad. It’s also a great way to keep a record of my experience that I will be able to look back on later.”

Berkley-Cramer feels that blogging will allow her to take more away from her abroad experience. “Blogging forces me to do what I already hope I would do abroad — be observant and analytical of my surrounding. It’s great because having a blog gives me a reason to do awkward tourist things while providing an outlet for reflection on the differences between my home, my college and this city and program.”

While reflecting on the differences between HWS and abroad, she has also found time to reflect on how HWS has prepared her for this experience. “I have taken classes at HWS that have given a solid, incredibly helpful foundation for the three classes I am taking and the internship I have here. I am tremendously excited to continue studying them even further here.”

Berkley-Cramer is an English major and a child advocacy minor. She is on the board of the Native American Student Association, was the co-facilitator of the Boiling Points series, works at the HWS library and represented William Smith on the Committee on Academic Affairs during her sophomore year. She was inducted into the Laurel Society this fall.

Her blog is available for the public at:


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