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HWS Honorees Inducted to Hall of Fame

Two women who are known to the Hobart and William Smith community will be inducted into the National Woman’s Hall of Fame this weekend. Both women are recognized for their inspiring dedication to and advancement of the medical field.  Dr. Loretta Ford, who received HWS’ Elizabeth Blackwell Award in 2003, will be inducted on Friday, Sept. 30, and Donna Shalala, who joined the HWS President’s Forum Series in 2000, will be inducted on Saturday, Oct. 1.

Ford created a training regimen for nurses in the 1960s which combined clinical care and research to assure that public health nurses were adequately prepared to care for children. Individuals who participated in this training became known as Pediatric Nurse Practitioners. Additionally, Ford has penned more than 100 publications on the history of nurse practitioners, unification of practice and issues in advanced nursing practice. In 1972, Ford was appointed dean at University of Rochester School of Nursing and the director of the University Hospital’s Nursing Service.  Ford has never failed to dream big and anticipated that nurse practitioners would become the nurse for all settings, which indeed has become the case. 

Shalala is the longest running Secretary of Health and Human Services, serving eight years under President Bill Clinton. In 2001, she was appointed her current position of president of the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. In addition to serving as president, Shalala teaches a class every spring sharing her knowledge on the U. S. healthcare system.  Additionally, in 2008, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, by President George W. Bush.  Shalala has also served as the chair of the Children’s Defense Fund as well as on the board of the Albert Shanker Institute. 

For more information on the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony visit Greatwomen.org