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Join Buddhist Meditations Mondays

Buddhist Meditations are led each Monday in the Intercultural Affairs Center by The Ven. Tenzin Yignyen. Yignyen is an instructor of Asian languages and cultures and a high-ranking monk within the Dalai Lama’s personal monastery. Meditation is the act of deeply focusing for a time for spiritual purpose or relaxation. 

The first session of the semester was held Sept. 26. At the beginning of the session, Yignyen explained how the hour would be divided between discussion and meditation and discussed why people meditate -how it helps people and can create inner happiness and peace within oneself. He then explained that for beginning meditators, five minutes of meditation to relax and focus is enough. He instructed participants to find a quiet area and focus on breathing. One technique he shared was to picture the air entering your right nostril only, and then the same for the left nostril. Yignyen talked for about 50 minutes, and then everyone meditated for about five minutes.

In future sessions he expects to talk for about 45 minutes, and then meditate for about 15 minutes. Yignyen said that meditation does not have to take hours; the fact that people take time out of their busy schedule to pause and relax and breathe deeply is very helpful.

Many organizations such as schools, colleges, and museums invite Yignyen to create mandalas, or sand paintings, and to speak and teach the ways of Tibetan Buddhism. Yignyen’s lectures usually discuss how essential it is to have happiness, love, compassion, and inner strengths in every person in order to ensure that the earth is a peaceful place. He believes that the spiritual practices of love, kindness and compassion are the main messages of all major religions of the world and the source of all happiness and the best method to bring peace and harmony to this planet.

The Buddhist Meditation sessions are from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the Intercultural Affairs building on the second floor. All are welcome to attend – it is not necessary to have been to a previous meditation, to have experience, or to hold any particular religious or spiritual belief.