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CCL Launches New Leadership Program

The Centennial Center for Leadership (CCL) will host a Leadership Institute in January. Open to all HWS students regardless of leadership experience, the two and a half day conference will help participants to build strong leadership skills, equipping them with the real-world tools to lead lives of consequence. The conference will run from Saturday, Jan. 14 through Monday, Jan 16.

“Leadership training is not just for people at the top,” explains Leadership Fellow Jerry Wohletz, who encourages all students interested in getting involved on campus to apply. “It takes many forms, and students at all levels can engage in leadership.”

Although the Colleges have hosted a leadership Institute in the past, CCL has worked to revamp the program. Organizers Wohletz , Associate Director of CCL Amy Forbes, and Associate Dean for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment and the Director of the CCL Susan Pliner have considered feedback from students, faculty and staff, and have met with students to ensure conference participants get the most out of the program.

“It has really been a collaborative effort,” says Wohletz. “We’ve worked to create something that will work for all participants.”

Each day will consist of a keynote speaker, numerous workshops and a “home group” session that will allow students to reflect on the day’s workshops and speakers with a small group of their peers. Each of the workshops will be facilitated by faculty and staff from across campus including the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning, the Deans offices and many academic departments.

Workshops will cover a broad range of topics ranging from running a meeting, designing a logo, aligning actions and values, and fundraising, allowing students to select the sessions that are most important to their personal growth and mission.

“I think this conference is a chance for students to be clear about who they are. It will encourage them to take a stand for what they believe in,” says Wohletz. “It will supply them with the tools and knowledge to take action.”

The application, as well as additional information about the Leadership Institute, can be found at

 Applications are due to the Centennial Center for Leadership by Friday, Oct. 28 at 5 p.m. Questions and concerns can be directed to CCL at 781-4450.

In the photo above, Jerry Wohletz meets with Caitlyn D’Agati ’15 to discuss the Leadership Conference.