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Tidball to Explore Disaster Relief

In a continuation of the conference on Global Citizenship: Social and Environmental Justice, Associate Director of the Civic Ecology Lab at Cornell University  Keith Tidball will join the Fisher Center on Wednesday, Nov. 9. Tidball will lead a discussion during a dinner at 6 p.m. in the Fisher Center located in Demarest 112.

In his discussion, Tidball will continue the dialogue on environmental justice started by renowned anti-nuclear war activist Dr. Helen Caldicott. Tidball’s research is focused on the interactions between humans and nature; particularly how these interactions relate to social-ecological system resilience.

He will facilitate a panel on “Recovery and Resilience in the Aftermath of Disasters.” Joining the panel will be HWS students who have fundraised for recent natural disasters. Panelists will talk about working to help those devastated by the tsunami in Japan, Hurricane Katrina and the earth quakes in Haiti.

After speaking about their outreach and aid efforts, Tidball will help to bring their ideas together. Through the lens of social and environmental justice, Tidball plans to suggest possible initiatives for the future that will be effective on campus.

Tidball is program leader for the Nature and Human Security Program and the Communities and Urban Forests Extension Program at Cornell University. He is also the New York State Coordinator for the NY Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN).

If you would like to attend the free event, please RSVP by Friday, Nov.  4 to dileo@hws.edu, or call (315) 781-3319.