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Drennen Quoted on Green Energy

Tom Drennen, associate professor of economics, had an editorial titled “Think 'green' in choosing power supplier” published in the Nov. 21 Daily Messenger, Canandaigua, N.Y. Drennen said consumers should not be only about finding the cheapest provider; they should also know where their electricity will come from.

“If you decide to stick with your traditional supplier (RG&E or NYSEG, depending on where you live), the electricity will come largely from a mix of coal, nuclear, natural gas, and hydro facilities,” wrote Drennen. “The power to choose gives consumers the ability to pick more environmentally friendly alternatives, including wind, biomass, and landfill gas.”

Drennen will be on WXXI with Bob Smith at noon on Dec. 1, discussing consumer choices for energy suppliers due to deregulation.