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Flaherty ’10 Dives into Research

Fulbright recipient Brittany Flaherty ’10 has hardly taken a breath since graduation – and she couldn’t be happier about it. Flaherty recently returned to the East coast after spending more than a year in Vancouver studying at the University of British Columbia.

Flaherty received a Fulbright Scholarship, for which she audited courses on integrated water management and water policy and politics. In addition to her studies, Flaherty also conducted research on Canada-U.S. transboundary water management. “It was truly an amazing and eye-opening experience,” remarks Flaherty.

While at UBC, Flaherty worked with the director of the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control to write an article on her research. Titled “Moving forward in Canada-United States transboundary water management: an analysis of historical and emerging concerns,” the article will be published in the November issue of Water International.

The article takes a critical look at the current literature on transboundary water resources in Canada and the United States, paying particular attention to water quality, ground water and surface water concerns.

“I put a lot of time into writing, editing, and re-editing this article after rounds of recommendations, and learned a lot about the academic publishing process,” explains Flaherty. “It was my personal goal to publish my Fulbright work, so I am so glad that the article came together the way that it did.”

Following the completion of her Fulbright Project, Flaherty remained in Vancouver where she worked alongside professors at the UBC School of Population and Public Health to disseminate information on tick bite prevention and disease awareness in an effort to improve public health.

In addition, Flaherty also leant her skills as a copy-editor for “Water without Borders? Canada, the U.S. and Transboundary Waters,” a soon to be released volume co-authored by Canadian and American scholars, politicians and government officials. The volume examines transboundary water management, delving into issues of ecological protection and Indigenous rights.

“It was a great experience since the volume is directly related to my academic interests and my Fulbright project,” explains Flaherty. “It also incorporated my interest in writing and editing, so it was such a wonderful opportunity.”

Although Flaherty has returned home following her busy year in Vancouver, she has not let her momentum slow.  Currently, Flaherty is considering her options for employment in the environmental and public health sectors before furthering her education in graduate school.

Flaherty received a bachelor’s degree in biology and environmental studies from William Smith, and completed an honors thesis on groundwater quality in the Finger Lakes. While on campus, Flaherty co-founded and served as co-president of the Colleges Against Cancer, Relay for Life, and co-created HWS Green Minutes.