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Nepal ’15 Settled in at HWS

Born and raised in Nepal, Subin Nepal ’15 – like most of his graduating class – decided to escape the instability of higher education in his home country and seek his bachelor’s degree in the United States. Applying to small liberal arts colleges in the Northeast, Nepal applied to, and subsequently enrolled at, Hobart College.

“Everything set it apart from other colleges, especially the Colleges’ commitment to community service. Community service was, and has always been, one of my biggest passions,” says Nepal who helped to establish three libraries and monitored the set up of three others in rural areas in Nepal. 

The complex college search process helped him mature, he says. “I had to do all of my own research,” explains Nepal. “I had to reach a conclusion without anyone’s help or guidance. It was pretty difficult. However, having to do everything by myself helped me a lot in realizing my own capabilities.”

Without plans to return home for at least two years, Nepal has had to rely on a different support system, made up of students, faculty and staff at the Colleges. Among the HWS staff with whom he has come in contact, he notes Associate Director of Admissions Rebecca Arnold, who oversees recruitment of transfer and international students, has had the greatest impact and was one of the most important factors in his decision to apply to the Colleges.

On campus, Nepal works for the Centennial Center for Leadership on campus. He helps research different kinds of leadership institutes around the world and provides a student perspective about what could be done next to widen the horizon of the Centennial Center. He was also recently accepted into the HWS Leads leadership certificate program, which aims to produce ethical, inclusive student leaders. He serves on the board of Project Nur and the IT Services committee of Hobart Student Government.

He also participates in many of the HWS excursions to nearby historical sites. A unique opportunity arose recently at a recent book signing in Seneca Falls, N.Y., when he had the opportunity to meet the grandson of Gandhi, a prominent historical figure in Nepal who he studied throughout middle and high school.

Overall, he says, he is comfortable with his decision to attend Hobart and William Smith. “From the second I arrived on campus, Hobart and William Smith felt like home.”