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Mr. Hobart Raises Money for Habitat

In this year’s battle for bragging rights, the Mr. Hobart competition raised more than $720 for Habitat for Humanity. International student Alexander Beyer ’13 of Tubingen, Germany, claimed the Mr. Hobart crown after performing a hilarious reenactment of Cary Grant’s famous plane scene in “North by Northwest.”

“I had serious fun without taking myself seriously,” explains Beyer. “The crown is going to be worn at every anniversary and in between it is going to serve as a decorative tool to help me collect dust in my room.”

Thirteen Hobart men turned out to fight for the Mr. Hobart title, in addition to Beyer, Alex Everett ’15, Sheridan French ’14, Dan Kolinski ’12, Aloysius Kolubah ’15, Hunter LaCroix ’12, Nick MacDonald, P.J. McInnis ’15, Rashid Perkins ’12, Arthur Piantedosi ’15, Patrick Sharry ’14, Sam Wallace ’14 and Steve Webster ’14 participated.

In the same format as traditional pageants, the Mr. Hobart fundraiser asked contestants to show off their interpretation of sportswear. French, sporting a Harry Potter robe and broom, flew onto the stage with a golden object of some sort clutched in his hand while Perkins presented the audience with 70s basketball gear, complete with an afro. Webster, dressed in competitive ping pong attire, strutted his stuff for the audience while Piantedosi pretended to reel in a fish before pulling one out of his waders, then kissing and throwing it into the audience.

In the talent competition, the contestants showed off their skills, including tango dancing, singing and telepathy. “I chose my talent because I’m really good at lip-syncing and Betty has been a really close friend to me while studying here,” explains Perkins, who serenaded Betty Walther HON’10 from Saga with Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend.”

Offering a particularly unique talent, Wallace challenged MacDonald to a Rubik Cube battle. With the pressure on, the two limbered up before accepting their cubes. After less than two minutes, Wallace threw his completed cube up in triumph, making him the winner of the inaugural Mr. Hobart Rubik Cube battle.

Hilarious and fun, the Mr. Hobart fundraiser provided a fun way for students on campus to give back. “It is an awesome way to get people to spend their bucks for a good cause!” declares Beyer. “When else do you get almost three hours of great entertainment and a feeling of altruism?”

Agreeing, Kolinski hopes that the fundraiser will continue to grow in the future. “I feel that every year the campus gets so excited for the new Mr. Hobart competition and I know that the students who participate have fun doing it,” says Kolinski. “This is such a successful way to raise money for a great cause and I know that the individuals who run it in the future will find more ways to raise more money.”

One of this year’s organizers, Co-President of the HWS Chapter of Habitat for Humanity Sarah Cifaratta ’13, has been helping out with the organization and this event since her first year. “We were very happy with the turnout of the event and appreciate all of the work everyone has put into it,” says Cifaratta.

Sponsored by the HWS Campus Chapter of Habitat for Humanity, the Mr. Hobart fundraiser has raised more than $4,000 since its inception in 2009. All of the proceeds are donated to the local Habitat for Humanity branch to benefit their building efforts in the county.

The photo above features Alexander Beyer ’13.