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International IDAM Project Covered

The trade magazine International Water Power and Dam Construction recently wrote an article that focused on Integrated Dam Assessment and Modeling (IDAM), a project developed by an interdisciplinary team that includes Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Darrin Magee and scientists from Oregon State University. IDAM is funded by the National Science Foundation and is aimed at assessing and visualizing the geopolitical, socioeconomic and biophysical impacts of dam construction in China and around the world.

According to the article, “IDAM’s goal is to support more informed and transparent decision-making processes related to dam development in any area.” The article goes on to explain how IDAM works.

“We recognize that the tool and the theoretical framework on which it rests are imperfect, but we hope they will serve as a foundation on which better ones will be built,” Magee said.

Magee is a China geographer with expertise in water and energy in China. He earned both a B.A. in French and a B.S. in mathematics from the Louisiana State University. He earned a M.A. and a Ph.D. from the University of Washington. His thesis was titled, “New Energy Geographies: Powershed Politics and Hydropower Decision Making in Yunnan, China.” He has authored a number of articles on China’s water and energy, the most recent of which is “Socioeconomic vulnerability in China’s hydropower development,” which appeared in the China Economic Review.

The article is available online.