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Louar Published on Samuel Beckett

Nadia Louar, assistant professor of French and Francophone studies, has added her voice to Beckett scholarship and criticism. Her latest essay is published in the annual bilingual review of Beckett Today/ Aujourd'hui. In her article, Louar considers Beckett's bilingual works from an aesthetic point of view, and engages with a criticism that centers on questions of authorship, authority, and linguistic identity.

Building on Walter's Benjamin's theory according to which all translation is only a “somewhat provisional way of coming to terms with the foreignness of languages,” and responding to Proust's formula that writing a chef d'oeuvre is “always writing in a foreign language,” she argues that rather than constituting an aesthetic impasse, Beckett's literature activates a proliferation of texts that stretch beyond generic boundaries, and reassess the questions of canonical taxonomy.