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Recyclemania Returns

For the fourth consecutive year, Hobart and William Smith Colleges are participating in Recyclemania.  An eight-week recycling challenge, the event begins on Monday, Feb. 6 and continues through Saturday, March 31. During this time, students will compete with nearly 500 other college and universities in promoting waste-reducing activities on campus. This year, the Colleges are attempting to raise their recycling rate to 35 percent, at which point they could land in the top 100 schools category. 

“Last year, the nearly 500 schools recycled more than 70 million pounds of material, reducing demand for virgin materials, energy required for harvesting and land filling,” says Sustainability Coordinator Jamie Landi ’08.

There are many interactive programs scheduled throughout the eight weeks to dramatically increase the recycling initiative. Traditionally, one of the most successful events is the Sustainability Sweep. This is a recycling treasure hunt where teams of up to four students, faculty, and staff are unleashed on the HWS campus to collect as many recyclable materials as possible. The winning team will receive a $100 gift certificate to the Red Dove Tavern.   

The Sustainability Sweep will be held from 5:15 to 6:30 p.m on Monday, Feb. 6. Teams of up to four students should meet on the front patio steps at the Scandling Campus Center.

“The fact that the Colleges are competing on the national level to waste less and recycle more is awesome,” says Landi. “Not only does this national competition substantially reduce environmental impact, it raises awareness and gets students, faculty and staff thinking about an essential question – what do we consume and where does it go after we are done with it? How we respond to the question has tremendous relevance from the personal to the global level. This competition challenges us to ask it.”

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