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Scott ’08 Publishes First Novel

Only four years after graduating from William Smith, Elspeth W. Scott ’08 has published her first novel. “The Overlord Rising: Dragon Touched” was published in January by Black Rose Writing.

“Dragon Touched” is the first in the Overlord Rising series Scott plans to write, all part of a sequence of fantasy novels that will take place in a world called the Eight Boulders Realm. The plot is focused around a young king named Damon who struggles to maintain peace after the murder of his father and disappearance of his older brother. When the daughter of the duke, Wren, finds herself in the throes of magic beyond her understanding and her control, the royal family starts to be pulled apart in a kingdom already on the brink of civil war.

“The story has a large cast of characters, all of them struggling to find their place in a world on the brink of great change. Deeply human and flawed, they endeavor to answer the same questions that plague us all-questions of love, loyalty, death, and betrayal-in a world constantly altered and shaped by ancient, unfathomable magic,” says the publisher.

Scott first found her niche for writing as a comparative literature major at William Smith. While she was a student, she did an honors project with Professor Michael Dobkowski titled “Candles in the Night: Exploring Authenticity and Memory.” She was also a member of the fencing club and worked in the Warren Hunting Smith Library. A native of Virginia, Scott currently lives in Wisconsin.