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Guild’s Rome Blog Featured

Since he arrived in Italy last month, Andrew Guild ’13 has been documenting his time abroad in a blog, Study Abroad: Rome 2012, where he has compiled his thoughts, photos and architectural sketches. Recently, Guild’s blog was featured on as a Blog of the Week.

GoAbroad cited their love of Guild’s fresh take on the very well-known and much-written about Rome as the impetus for the award. The blog also appreciated Guild’s modern twist on the ancient city – all of his photos and uploads are done via iPhone.

“It is nice to know that other people are enjoying the blog as much as I am enjoying adding to it,” remarked Guild in a recent blog post. “At first it began as a way to learn about blogging and to force myself to document my travels. This blog has helped me look for things to discuss and photograph during daily trips and I’ve really enjoyed the process. It is nice now to share this with others.”

Guild’s blog, which can be found at, has also been featured on the Hobart and William Smith website – along with other student blogs.

An architectural studies major, Guild is a member of Chi Phi and Hobart Student Government.

The full article about Guild’s blog and award follows.

Blog of the Week: Study Abroad – Rome 2012

Tiffany Harrison • February 17, 2012


It’s Friday — and time for GoAbroad’s Blog of the Week! This week’s selection is:

Study Abroad: Rome 2012

Today on the GoAbroad Blog, we are pleased to feature a student-created blog, Study Abroad: Rome 2012 as our selection! Andrew Guild is the creator of this blog and currently in his junior year at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. As the name of his blog suggests, Andrew is living and studying in Rome, Italy for the 2012 spring semester to study architecture. While he has only been in Rome for over a month now, he has had the opportunity to see almost all of Rome’s major tourist attractions, and has “begun to understand the culture, people and way of life.”  Study Abroad: Rome 2012 documents each of Andrew’s experiences and adventures for friends and family back in the United States–while providing a dose of travel inspiration to others interested in meaningful travel to Italy!

Why We Love It

As well as providing that unique student perspective about study abroad, Study Abroad: Rome 2012 also encompasses an informative and creative take on a well-known location. Andrew notes that the photography and uploads are done entirely by iPhone, and this modern twist on social media and blogging is another reason we enjoy this blog. From the welcoming images of Italy and anecdotes on his first post, to learning to cook like an Italian, Andrew’s blog is on its way to providing a variety of different resources. We’re sure that with his already dynamic approach to content and photography, more students will be inspired by his ongoing experiences.

In the most recent post on the blog, Andrew notes that his classes have picked up and he continues to learn new things about Italian history and culture, including topics like Renaissance architecture and Neorealist cinema. Check out Study Abroad: Rome 2012 to learn about these adventures and more, and explore for all opportunities to study abroad in Italy!

In the photo above, Andrew Guild ’13, Drew Oliveira ’13 and Nelle Crossan ’13 are at the top of the Alps. While studying in Rome, they took a weekend trip to Switzerland.


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