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Dorm Storm Success

In just one hour, a team of student athletes recently knocked on more than 700 dorm room doors and ran away with hundreds of pounds of recyclables.

“In terms of what students enjoy, there is almost a grassroots feel to it,” says event organizer and Sustainability Coordinator James Landi. “You don’t normally get someone knocking on your door asking you to help out with something. The good vibe of it all really helps to promote recycling.”

As part of the Recyclemania campaign, the Dorm Storm is an annual event where students meet in groups in different residence halls across campus to “storm” the building and collect as much recycling as possible from the building’s residents.  

At this year’s event, members of the William Smith soccer team and the Hobart football team participated. “As a team, we are conscientious about recycling during the season and we issue plastic water bottles to each team member for use throughout the season,” says William Smith Soccer Coach Aliceann Wilber. “We are adamant that we all take the time to put things, be it recycling or trash, in the appropriate bins; change is made through consistent and conscientious actions that create new habits.”

Linebacker Nick Zapp ’15, who is also an HWS Eco Rep, believes the Dorm Storm is a great way of raising student’s awareness about the impact of recycling. “Not only does recycling help the environment, but it also helps Hobart and William Smith Colleges build a reputable image,” Zapp says.

Cornerback Perry Fennell ’15 agrees. “It is vital for each of us to play our individual role and do the small things, in order to achieve something great such as environmental sustainability here on campus.”

Landi is hopeful that with events such as the Dorm Storm, HWS will improve its environmental impact. “We are off to a great start,” Landi says. “Recycling is up to a 26 percent recycling rate which is really up from our 18 percent annual recycling rate. We are making moves in the right direction.”