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Moore ’05 and Sammond Published on Politics of Professors

Dominic Moore '05 had an editorial titled “Judge academics, not politics, of professors” published in the Dec. 14 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle.

“While there may be a greater number of self-identified 'liberals' in higher education, the salient question is not 'Is my professor liberal?' but 'Is my professor qualified to teach?'” wrote Moore. ” … Let's allow conservatives and liberals alike to do their jobs, without the threat of politically motivated quotas from either end of the ideological spectrum.”

Nicholas Sammond, assistant professor of media and society, had an editorial titled “The Political Opinions Held by American Professors” published in the Dec. 17 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education.

“While it may be true that there is a preponderance of left-leaning faculty members nationwide,” wrote Sammond, “this does not automatically mean that there is systematic discrimination against rightist academics in hiring and promotion. It is just as possible that hiring committees reviewed the scholarship of the disgruntled people with whom Bauerlein spoke and found it wanting.”