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Residences Going Green Certified

Themes of environmental awareness and sustainability are everywhere this semester as the Hobart and William Smith community participates in Recyclemania and the New York NegaWatt Challenge.

To help build a more sustainable campus and improve the HWS recycling rates, the Office of Sustainability and HWS Environmental Representatives have launched a new Green Room Certification – an exciting collaboration between residents and their area EcoRep that guarantees a high level of environmental performance in four categories: energy, waste, water, and transportation. Students get their room certified by signing up with their RA, who will give their name to the local EcoRep.

The process, which takes less than 20 minutes, allows the resident to opt into credits that make his or her residential space more sustainable. In addition, the EcoRep encourages a number of changes to the resident’s daily routine that help create a more sustainable living environment and campus.

“The Green Room Certification program is a great way to help achieve both our short-term Recyclemania goals and also to bring about a longer-term high level of sustainability that runs across campus and is consistent from month to month – year to year,” says Sustainability Coordinator James Landi.

Students who get their residences certified will receive a seal on their door stating that their room meets Office of Sustainability Green Room Certification environmental standards. In addition, participants will be recognized on the HWS website and will receive a letter from the chair of the Climate Task Force commending their leadership and initiative in taking part in the program.

“We are focusing on empowering students to make the right decisions both in their space and as they go through their day. Our hope is that the Certification will help make sustainable decisions a routine – to do this we need consistent engagement with sustainability and a hands-on approach,” Landi adds. “I can’t imagine a better place to take the first step than in the spaces we have direct control over – our rooms.”

The Green Room Certification will run through the Spring Semester. All students are encouraged to sign-up and help HWS boost its Recyclemania results and reduce its environmental impact!