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Four Compete in Run-Off Elections

Following the initial Student Trustee Elections on Friday, March 2, four HWS students became the main contenders for the positions. Run-off elections to determine the next Hobart and William Smith Student Trustees will be held through an electronic ballot that will be e-mailed to students on Thursday, March 8 with voting to conclude by midnight.

Hobart and William Smith students have been represented on the Board since 1970, offering their voices to policies that affect the institution. In these posts, student trustees act as a conduit between the students and the members of the Board and are active voting members during their senior year.

The two Hobart students who are candidates in the run-off elections represent a wide range of experiences and involvement on campus:

Greg Mathieu ’14, an anthropology major and sociology minor, is from Hadley, Mass., and is an Eagle Scout. On campus, he is a member of the cross country team and is currently enrolled in the HWS Leads Leadership Certificate program. Additionally, Mathieu works for Alumni House, is a Kappa Sigma brother and serves as the Grand Scribe for his fraternity. “If elected I feel that I can move toward positive change here at the Colleges, and make it an even better and more enjoyable place for past, present, and future students,” says Mathieu.

Wes Traub ’14, a Latin American studies major who is triple minoring in economics, Spanish and international relations, is from Lakeville, Minn. Traub is active on campus as a volunteer at the Community Lunch program, a runner on the Hobart cross country team, a member of the Orange Key Honors Society, a backpacking guide for the Pre-Orientation Adventure program and a member of several club sports on campus. “I will use my personable nature, optimistic temperament, and inclusive attitude to increase communication between the students, the faculty, and the trustees at HWS,” says Traub.

The two William Smith students who are candidates in the run-off elections represent a wealth of leadership experience and involvement on campus:

Abigail Evans ’14, an anthropology and political science double major with a minor in Africana studies, is from Ownings Mills, Md. For two years, she has choreographed for the Koshare Dance Collective and this year served on its board. She participates in the William Smith Summits and the Leadership Institute. Currently living in the Community Service theme house, she works for the Admissions Office and the Dance Department. “As the elected student trustee, I plan on making myself available to every student club and group as an open-minded and approachable individual who would like to take the time to truly learn about each student and understand their values and concerns for this incredible school,” explains Evans.

Eden Tesfaye ’14, a political science and English double major with minors in economics and international relations, is from Dallas, Texas. On campus, she has served as vice president of the HWS Figure Skating Club, a member of the advisory committee of HWS Leads and the 2010-2011 Rees Community Council. She has worked as a student caller for Alumni House, volunteered at Lakefront Childcare Center, and participates in Rotary Youth Leadership Award. Last summer, she interned at DNL Global, a global marketing firm. “If I am elected to be the student trustee for the William Smith Class of 2014, I will make it my duty, my purpose, and my ultimate goal to allow each and every William Smith women’s voice to be heard,” explains Tesfaye.

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