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Seniors Urged to Give

With spring beginning to bloom, the Stewardson Society encourages seniors savoring their last semester on campus to consider giving back to the Colleges. Last year, the Classes of 2011 rose to the challenge of reaching a 70 percent participation rate. This year, a new challenge is issued: a goal of 75 percent participation, which would be the highest rate of giving in Stewardson’s history. So far, the Stewardson Society is well on its way with a 54 percent class participation rate.  For those seniors who haven’t given a gift of $20.12, there is still time left.

“Our seniors are on the verge of becoming alums and our goal is to educate them on the importance of philanthropy so that when they graduate, they understand why we need their support and want to give back,” says Matt Fratto, assistant director of annual parent appeals. 

All gifts given by the Classes of 2012, unless otherwise specified, are put toward the Annual Fund which in turn, supports faculty resources, classroom and library technology, student life, scholarships and the HWS Goes Green initiative. 

“The Colleges offer a great deal of opportunities and resources to students, from their nationally recognized study abroad program to the state of the art facilities,” says Fratto.  “None of which would be possible without the generosity of Alumni and Alumnae.”

Seniors who pledge the $20.12 before graduation are recognized as members of the Stewardson Society. As a thank you, the Stewardson Society committee coordinates social events on campus and in downtown Geneva.  Past events include the Homecoming and Family Weekend patio reception and the recent 100 days until graduation celebration at Beef and Brew. 

The Colleges’ senior class giving initiative began in the late 1980s and was formally named The Stewardson Society during the 2006-2007 academic year. Each consecutive year since its inception, it participation has continued to increase. Named for the first president of the coordinate Hobart and William Smith Colleges, the Stewardson Society immortalizes Reverend Langdon Stewardson’s dedication to bringing Hobart and William Smith Colleges together.

To see why other Alums have given back to Hobart and William Smith Colleges, click over the “Why I Give” page on the HWS website:

To make a gift, seniors can visit: or stop by the Alumni House to pay by to cash, check, credit card or payroll deduction.