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Benedict Solstice Party Featured

Linda Benedict, archivist, and Jody Benedict, assistant designer, were featured in the Finger Lakes Times article “Longer days to come: For a local couple, the solstice is a reason to celebrate.” The Benedict family has hosted a winter solstice party for about 10 years.

Linda Benedict said she doesn't “really believe that the sun won't come back if we don't do this, but I like to kid around about it. After the solstice, the days are getting longer, though it might take about a month to notice it. It's always kind of fun to see who's going to show up. You can determine who the hardy souls are by who is still here at 1 in the morning. Sometimes the food freezes. I'd never seen beer freeze until one year it turned into a beer slushie. Nothing could be more informal. We stomp around and laugh,” she said.