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Schoenfeld ’84 Featured in Washington Post

Dr. Philip Schoenfeld '84 was quoted in the Dec. 21 Washington Post article “A Whole New Operation,” about off-site surgical centers.

“The type of things that go on in a hospital,” said Schoenfeld, a facial reconstruction surgeon, make it “so difficult sometimes. . . . The level of administration it takes to get a patient from Point A to Point B. I can do double the cases in half the time in an outpatient center.”

Minimizing the chances that staff will need to rush you from the ASC operating table to the ER requires “choosing the right patients” for off-site surgeries, said Schoenfeld. That means avoiding, generally, those at a higher risk of complications — people who are over 85, who have already undergone multiple surgeries or who suffer from stroke, heart disease or diabetes.