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Environmentally Conscious Spring for HWS

Spring has sprung, and that means one thing: spring cleaning! Maintaining the momentum started with the 2012 Recyclemania competition, spring cleaning means more than “out with the old and in with the new.” This year, spring cleaning is about environmental awareness.

While students were off campus during spring break, HWS faculty and staff participated in extensive cleaning. This year, HWS faculty and staff recycled more than 8,000 pounds of materials, a truly impressive, environmentally conscious feat.

“The faculty and staff did a great job recycling!” says Sustainability Coordinator Jamie Landi. “As always, I really appreciate the efforts they make to help the Colleges reach our goal of a 35 percent recycling rate.” 

While last week was all about envioronmentally conscious spring cleaning by faculty and staff, now it’s the students turn. Returning from spring break, the Eco-Reps stormed the Village at Odell’s on Tuesday, March 27 to collect recyclables from each unit.

Students can also contribute to this effort by getting their room green-certified through the Green Room Certification program. Three weeks into the program, more than 30 residences have been certified green, including two theme houses: the German House and Campus Greens.

Landi is hopeful that as the Green Room certification program continues, more students will get involved with the program.

“It really is a great program,” says Landi. “Getting certified through the Green Room Certification program helps students engage in sustainability by monitoring their own usage use of resources such as water and electricity. Certification also helps raise awareness about recycling. The Green Room Certification program is a key element to the 2012 Recyclemania competition. We want everyone to get involved and recycle so we can reach our goal.”

Currently, the Colleges are recycling at a rate of 27.8 percent. Landi says, get involved today by contacting your R.A. about the Green Room Certification program and recycle, recycle, recycle!