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Unemployment and Economic Recovery

Ron Hira will lead a discussion on the current unemployment rate and the causes behind its slow recovery on Wednesday, April 11.  The talk will take place at 8 p.m. in Albright Auditorium.

Hira is an associate professor of public policy at the Rochester Institute of Technology and is an expert on outsourcing, technology policy, high skill immigration, and research and development policy.  He is a licensed professional engineer, a research associate with the Economic Policy Institute and the co-author of “Outsourcing America.”

Written in 2005, the book documents America’s past three decades of declining manufacturing jobs across the country and focuses on the growing trend of outsourcing white collar service jobs.  “Outsourcing America” was a finalist for the Benjamin Franklin award in the best business book category.

Hira has appeared on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” and “NOW with Bill Moyers” and he has been cited in numerous publications including The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Time magazine.  He has participated in countless conferences related to science/technology workforce issues and has twice testified before congress on national economic policy.