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Fox ’91 Publishes New E-Book

Stephanie C. Fox ’91 recently wrote and e-published a book, “The Book of Thieves,” which explains how corporate greed destroyed a great nation, aided and abetted by the inattention of its people and a lack of regulation on the thieves.

“During the recent and lengthy power outage where I live in Connecticut, I found myself thinking about why it was taking so long to get the lights back on: corporate greed with little or no government oversight, which was just a microcosm of the larger problem in this country and elsewhere,” explains Fox. “That in turn gave me the idea for ‘The Book of Thieves,’ which could convey these points as short infotainment with fast and wide-ranging emotional and reasoned impact.”

With a darker tone, the book reads like a combination of a fairy tale and fable, but names no names and works in metaphor to describe the crimes that are relevant to the current Occupy Wall Street movement.

“Fox’s story provides a quick, simplified recap of the recent mortgage crisis and a perspective on just how one creates an environment where something so terrible can happen,” writes Aaron Bloom, an Amazon customer reviewer. “She writes clearly and has an entertaining and darkly humorous edge to her voice that matches the way she’s chosen to tell this true crime story.”

A historian, writer and editor, Fox runs an editing service called QueenBeeEdit, which caters to politicians, scientists, and others. She has written several books on a variety of topics, including “An American Woman in Kuwait,” which was e-published in March of 2012. She is currently at work on co-authoring the political memoir of an Iranian woman Reformist politician.

Fox received a bachelor’s in history from William Smith College before going on to receive her J.D. from University of Connecticut School of Law.


The e-book is available on Kindle through or for the Nook through