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Adams’ Editorial in Daily Messenger

Clayton Adams, photographer, had an editorial in the Jan. 10 Canandaigua, N.Y., Daily Messenger, titled “Reject mean-spirited view of U.S. aid.” He wrote in response to a previous editorial written by David Holcberg of the Ayn Rand Institute, titled “U.S. shouldn't contribute to tsunami victims.”

“… Holcberg not wanting the government to give aid to the tsunami victims: how un-Christian can that be? The government has not forced American taxpayers to provide aid to those in need, whether they live in Sri Lanka or Florida. It has done so because our culture demands it,” Adams wrote. “If the government uses some of its money to help those folks out, then not only is it rightly thinking and acting, but it is reflecting the values and attitudes of our American culture. The little error by Holcberg about the legal status of tax funds may be overlooked as stupidity. The incredibly self-centered and evil attitude towards aid to the victims of a natural disaster is inexcusable.”