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Wasmund Parents, Five Grads Featured

A video produced by The Post Standard, “Mark and Maryam Wasmund: Raising Quads plus One,” features Mark and Maryam Wasmund discussing raising their five children, Elizabeth, John, Mark and Peter Wasmund, quadruplets who are graduating from Hobart and William Smith this weekend, and their older brother, Paul, who graduated from Hobart in 2007.

Mark and Maryam note the quadruplets did not want to go to the same college, as each wanted to forge is or her own path. Waiting until the last minute to announce their decisions, their parents say ultimately each didn’t want to give up his or her first choice school so all ended up at HWS.

“I can say that all of us have had very different experiences here and have managed to find something that we are passionate about,” wrote Elizabeth in an e-mail recently.

In the video, the parents describe the different personalities of the four children and the different paths all five are taking. The oldest sibling, Paul, has gone on to pursue his Master’s in Public Administration; Elizabeth is looking to work with a non-profit with a focus on the Middle East; John is continuing his education at HWS next year to earn his Master of Arts in Teaching; Mark has a job with an internet company in Saratoga, N.Y., and Peter is pursuing a career in international relations with a not-for-profit organization.

Recanting difficulties such as feeling like they were letting an entire team down if the quads, who comprised one-third of their soccer team or half of their basketball team, were ever absent, and playdates where each child bringing home a friend meant a houseful of kids, Mark and Maryam Wasmund say their mantra was, “Always keep your sense of humor.”

The full video is available online.

The photo above features the Wasmund family with President Mark D. Gearan and Mary Herlihy Gearan.



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