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Umble ’12 Pursues A Life of Art

As a child, Brad Umble ’12 promised himself that he would work to make a difference in the world. Over time, he selected the arts as his vehicle for change and was a strong advocate for the arts throughout his career at HWS.

Having graduated in May with B.A. in music and psychology, Umble will attend the University of Buffalo in the fall to pursue a master’s degree in arts management. The two-year program focuses on how to run the business side of an arts organization as well as to further examine the relationship between art, society and culture.

“I hope that this degree will allow me to work in the arts world, being around things I love, while always continuing to be an advocate for the arts and their importance on the world,” says Umble.

According to the program’s website “Arts management matters because the arts manager is the final mediator between art and the public.” As part of the program, students complete field research and projects working with arts organizations.

While at the Colleges, Umble was the president of HWS Live, a club that supports live music performances on and around campus, as well as educates students on the technical aspects of producing a live event. As president, Umble worked closely with Arts Collective, Thel, and the Architecture Society to host two events this past year, MUSA and Bloomfest. A native of Kingston, N.Y., Umble was also a member of the Colleges’ brass and classical guitar ensembles.

Umble chose to attend the University of Buffalo on the recommendations of his professors. “I look forward to living, working and learning in such a community.”