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Moore ’00 Co-Founds Company

Kimberly Moore ’00 recently co-founded The Bold Beauties, a lifestyle consulting service company that aims to empower women to live boldly and beautifully- no matter what their phase of life.

“A Bold Beauty is a woman who lives life on her own terms,” says Moore. “She is confident, fearless, put together and has a healthy sense of self-esteem. She is not afraid to express her individuality to the world or go after what she wants. We help our clients achieve this mindset.”

After spending eight years working as a development associate and monthly giving coordinator for EngenderHealth, a global reproductive health organization, Moore decided that she wanted to establish her own business where she could see a more tangible payoff for her hard work and effort. While working at EngenderHealth, she met Melissa A. Browne, her future business partner and co-founder of The Bold Beauties.

“Melissa is the person that her family, friends, and colleagues turn to for image advice and I’m the person that my family, friends and colleagues turn to for personal advice,” explains Moore. “We have always been tuned into to women’s empowerment issues through our various volunteer efforts and fundraising careers.”

While working together at EngenderHealth, the two women happened across a Dove® study, titled “The Real Truth About Beauty: Revisited,” which concluded that there is “a universal increase in beauty pressure and a decrease in confidence.” Startled by the statistics outlined in the study, Moore and Browne set out to reverse the trend by founding their business, which focused exclusively on these issues.

“We help women identify disconnect in their lives and fix it, by giving them tools they need to address their specific issue,” explains Moore. “So much of a woman’s identity is tied into her appearance which may mean that the inside is neglected. We empower women to not only look good but to feel good as well. We believe a woman’s inside and the outside have to be in alignment, and reflect one another, in order for her to feel complete.”

Since establishing the business at the end of 2011, the two women have worked with 10 clients, providing them with individual attention and counseling.

“One of my big successes is actually a William Smith graduate,” says Moore. “When I started meeting with her, she would ask me to validate her feelings and decisions. For me, the payoff came when she called just to tell me what she did without second-guessing herself or looking for validation of her actions. It may seem like a small step to some, but it was a big breakthrough for her and it allowed us to move forward and not get bogged down with the same kind of issues.”

Moore credits Hobart and William Smith with providing her with the skills necessary to succeed in life.

“Among the most important skills I learned at HWS were critical thinking, writing skills and how to communicate with people,” says Moore, noting that her diverse range of classes helped her learn about different cultures and step outside of her comfort zone.

“After grown up in a homogenous neighborhood in Harlem, N.Y., the culture and diversity at HWS taught me to deal with unfamiliar situations. I learned from them and think about those issues as teachable moments, which has enabled me to be flexible enough to handle whatever is thrown me. The liberal arts education I received from HWS has driven me to challenge myself, become engaged, and continuously learn.”

A double major in English and Asian studies, Moore played intramural sports, attended cultural organizations’ activities and volunteered at the hospital. She also held several jobs, including working at the Dean’s Office, the Student Phonathon and at the Cellar Pub.

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In the photo above, Melissa A. Browne is on the left and Kimberly Moore ’00 is on the right.