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President’s Forum Honors Giving at HWS

Early Saturday morning, members of the Hobart and William Smith community spanning more than seven decades – and from as far away as Washington, California and Hawaii – gathered for the annual President’s Forum. The forum is held each Reunion to celebrate the continued dedication of alums to the Colleges.

The celebration recognized gifts from each of the reunion classes, special alum citations, and awarded the Lifetime Service Award and Elizabeth Herendeen Odell Award. President Mark D. Gearan also reported on the State of the Colleges.

With a positive outlook on the Colleges’ future, Gearan spoke of the recent successes of Hobart and William Smith students – both academically and athletically – and stressed the importance of alum contributions to these accomplishments.

Gearan also addressed the Performing Arts Initiative and provided details of the upcoming performing arts center. “The situation today is one of growth and promise; however such growth requires constant vigilance and attentiveness by the entire Hobart and William Smith community,” remarked Gearan in summary.

The forum also served to acknowledge outstanding alums for their continued dedication to the Colleges. Both the Hobart and William Smith Alumni and Alumnae Associations awarded citations to deserving graduates for their contributions to the Colleges.

The Hobart Alumni Association honored Lynn D. Mayer ‘62 for his work as a Class Agent, his consistent example as a lead Emerson Society donor each year and his work in leading the 50th Reunion effort. Trustee Will Margiloff ’92 was honored for his extensive professional counsel as well as, his consistent and generous financial support.

 Ridgway White ‘02 and Rafael Rodriguez ’07 were also acknowledged for their contributions. White was commended for his philanthropic efforts, while Rodriguez was presented the Young Alumni Award. Since graduating, Rodriguez has continued to give back to the Colleges as a career services volunteer and a contributor to the admissions volunteer network.

The Distinguished Service Award for Lifetime Service was given to Edward Froelich ‘55. Froelich, a loyal supporter of the Kathryn D. Cook Memorial Scholarship, the Joe Abraham Prize and the Art Kenny fund, has demonstrated exemplary service to his alma mater. “Eddie Froelich has created a legacy at Hobart and William Smith that inspires exemplary teaching, encourages academic achievement and supports student-earning and leadership through athletics and extracurricular programs,” remarked Director of Alumni Relations Jared Weeden ’91. 

The William Smith Alumnae Association also presented alumnae with distinctions including the Centennial Bowl and the Elizabeth Herendeen Odell Award.  Judith Chamberlain O’Neill ’62 was honored for her enthusiastic and loyal service to her alma mater. O’Neill has acted as a Class Correspondent for more than 16 years, served on the Centennial Campaign Committee and has served on the Major Gifts Committee.

Sally Howe ’67, who has served as co-chair and gift chair for Reunion and currently serves as co-chair of the Distinguished Faculty Award committee, was recognized for her efforts at the Colleges. Also honored was Trustee Cyndy Gelsthorpe Fish ’82. As an alumna, Fish’s lead gift to the Centennial Center project inspired hundreds of alumnae to participate and contribute to the Centennial Campaign.

The Centennial Bowl was awarded to Trustee Dr. Joy Glaser ’62, P’89, P’97. In 1976, Glaser was commended for her volunteer engagement efforts, and in 2000, she was presented with the Alumna Achievement Award. She has hosted a multitude of events in her home and has served on the Centennial Steering and Campaign Committees.

The Elizabeth Herendeen Odell Award for service to the Colleges was presented to Elizabeth Smith Sibbetts ’50. One of the highest alumnae honors, only 18 have been given with this prestigious award. Sibbetts, who was a recipient of an alumnae citation in 2006, has been a longtime Class Correspondent and served on the Alumnae Council as Class Correspondent Chair. Since 2007, she has been working to electronically catalogue every single yearbook.  Sibbetts has given to the Annual Fund every year – uninterrupted – since her graduation.

Prior to the bestowing of citations, the returning classes presented donations to the Annual Fund. Caroline Dosky ’12 presented the Classes of 2012 gift of $20,900 for the annual fund. The most successful Senior Gift drive in Hobart and William Smith history, more than 70 percent of seniors participated. Because the participation goal was surpassed, the gift was matched by Board Chair David H.  Deming ’75.

Rick Beyer ’07 and Katelyn Miller ’07 from the Classes of 2007 presented a check for $5,367, bringing their classes’ total donations since graduation to $33,748. In honor of their 5th Reunion, 37 percent of their classmates contributed, making it the highest participation by a 5th Reunion class.

The Classes of 1997 celebrated their 15th anniversary with a donation of $6,164. In the five years since their 10th Reunion, their class has contributed $66,872 to the Colleges.

Chris Biehn ’87 and Cynthia Fults Burke ’87, representing the Classes of 1987, were proud to announce that 27 percent of their class has made a gift to the Colleges in honor of their 25th Reunion. They have donated $34,256 this year to the Annual Fund and have contributed $253,341 since graduation.

The Classes of 2002, represented by Nicholas Howie ‘02, Jaclyn Baer ’02 and Monica Spring Bays ’02, presented a gift on behalf of 26 percent of their classmates. This year, they contributed $15,612 to the Annual Fund and they have contributed $257,086 since their 5th Reunion.

The Classes of 1962 celebrated their 50th Reunion campaign with a donation from 54 percent of their class – winning the Founders Cup for the highest giving percentage during their Reunion year. The gift of $83,093 almost doubled their class contribution from last year and was presented by Lynn Mayer ’62 and Trustee Dr. Joy Glaser ’62, P’89, P’97.

Adam Polcek ’92 presented a check on behalf of the Classes of 1992 for $27,543, which was made by 20 percent of the class in honor of their 20th Reunion. Since their last Reunion in 2007, the classes have contributed $458,903 to the Colleges.

The 47 percent of the Classes of 1967 that contributed to this year’s gift, gave a donation of $47,893. Sally Howe ’67 and Honorary Trustee Worth Douglas ’67 presented the check that brings the classes’ total donations since their last Reunion in 2007 to $510,792.

Celebrating their 35th Reunion, the Classes of 1977 gave a  gift of $31,116 with an impressive 41 percent class participation. In the past five years, the classes have generously contributed $530,288 to the Colleges.

Roger Frankel ’72 and Chair-elect of the Board of Trustees Maureen Collins Zupan ’72,from the Classes of 1972, presented a gift of $70,001 from 49 percent of their classmates. Since 2007, they have contributed $716,805 to the Colleges.

The Classes of 1982 set a new record for dollars raised in a 30th Reunion year with their contribution of $138,897 to the Annual Fund. The gift was presented by Dale Tills ’82, P’14 and Curt Vannah ’82, P’15. Since 2007, the classes have donated $1,590,257 to Hobart and William Smith.