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Benz ’14 Introduced to Gallery Operation

“I have always been interested in the urban lifestyle,” says Kevin Benz ’14, a Trumbull, Conn., native who is interning at the PPoW Gallery in New York City this summer.

Artists represented by the gallery work in representational painting and sculpture mediums and work with social and political content. Benz has been conducting research in this area to aid gallery staff, and has worked to organize and update the database of the gallery.

Benz is also pleased with the many invaluable networking experiences that he has encountered such as connecting with Wendy Olsoff ’78, co-founder and co-owner of the gallery. He was excited to discover that he and Olsoff share the same academic adviser, Professor of Art Elena Ciletti.

“The most exciting aspects of the internship are experiencing the back end of for-profit gallery operations and being introduced to the New York City Art scene,” says Benz.

On campus, Benz is an art history major and hosts a segment on WEOS-FM, the Colleges’ radio station. He is also member of Kappa Alpha.