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Bishop ’15 with National Geographic

Hannah Bishop ’15 is spending her summer working for National Geographic, a publication that she has long admired.

“Prior to coming to HWS, I had only dreamed of working for National Geographic, but now that dream is a reality,” explains Bishop. “Their magazine, especially their photography, has been a huge inspiration for me as a photographer. I hope to use my photography and design skills in the future, and I know that this internship will offer me some guidance as to how to make that possible.”

During her internship, Bishop is responsible for cataloging images from the 1920s into the “Save the Archive” collection.She has also attended a focus group for an upcoming National Geographic Channel show, toured the photo archive, and viewed an archived film about Costeau’s “oceanauts” from the 1960s.

“Although I am looking forward to the entire experience, I am most excited about seeing all of the amazing pictures and having the chance to attend events like the Explorer’s Symposium,” says Bishop. “I’m also excited to live in Washington, D.C. and meet some of the people who work for National Geographic.”

While events like the Explorer’s Symposium will provide Bishop with an opportunity to meet with a variety of experts, she looks forward to applying her interests and seeing they can be applied in a professional arena.

“This internship is providing me with a chance to explore my interests in photography and design in more depth as well as offering me the opportunity to see how she can apply her desired major in visual anthropology to a future career path,” explains Bishop.

An undeclared major, Bishop is involved in Koshare and Geneva Heroes and works as a student photographer at the Office of Communications.