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Sustainability in the Virgin Islands

Every student dreams of that perfect summer internship: the one that will be relevant to their academic pursuits as well as interesting and stimulating. This summer, Julian Snider ’13 landed such an internship – with an added bonus: the internship is in the Virgin Islands.

Snider’s internship is at Maho Bay; opened in 1976, it was one of the first eco-friendly hotel and resorts recognized internationally. Maho Bay’s reputation lies in its continued dedication toward preserving and protecting the fragile ecosystem of the islands without compromising guests’ comfort.

“I will be very busy; I am working as part of the buildings and grounds maintenance team and will be doing repairs of the resort’s cabins and tents,” says Snider, who first heard of the internship at Maho Bay through the HWS Experience website, an online resource for students where the Salisbury Center for Career Services and Professional Development posts job and internship listings.

Snider will also use the internship as an opportunity to undertake an individual project. “I am studying the sustainable eco-building techniques around planning and designing a two-person eco-tent, based on the Maho Bay aesthetic,” explains Snider. “This internship is perfect for me because I’m gaining practical hands-on experience by doing maintenance to existing structures while gaining new insight into sustainable ideas and practices.”

On campus, Snider is a double major in architecture and studio art. He is also a member of the Hobart Squash team, Kappa Alpha Society and takes part in Intramural Soccer.